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The Amazing Benefits when using a foam roller!

If you’re experiencing muscle soreness out of the ordinary after a workout, or simply want a nice way to help your muscles relax, then this blog post is just what you need!

What is a foam roller? A foam roller is a tool used for a so called “self myofascial release” technique which can help reduce muscle tightness or inflammation. Foam rolling is a great way to warm up or cooldown after a workout, to make sure your muscles don’t get too sore or tight. Foam rolling has many great benefits when it comes to relieving pain in most areas of your body, if you want to know more about these benefits, keep reading this blog post!

Foam Roller – 3 Great Benefits

There are multiple potential benefits when using a foam roller. Using a foam roller should always be done correctly, but it can rarely go wrong even if you don’t do it 100% correct. If you’re in doubt when it comes to how to properly use a foam roller, you can find plenty of videos on YouTube which showcase various ways to properly use this amazing tool.

One thing to make sure, is that you never foam roll over your sensitive joints such as elbows, ankles or knees, as these areas are not suited for foam rolling.

Foam rolling can help reduce back pain

If you are experiencing mild back pain, using a foam roller properly can help you relieve this pain quite substantially. Using a foam roller and turning it vertical in line with your spine, can be a great way to reduce soreness in the back, but don’t do it too hard as this may cause even worse issues than before.

Keep in mind however, that if you have serious back injuries, foam rolling is most likely not gonna fix it. Always ask your physiotherapist or doctor if you’re in doubt whether or not foam rolling is suited for the type of back issues you may be facing.

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Helps you calm down both physically and mentally

Foam rolling is quite mesmerizing and therapeutic, and can really help you relax. You can compare it to a form of massage but carried out by yourself, and at your own pace. So if you’re the kind of person who enjoys working out that muscle soreness by getting a massage, a foam roller can be a nice and cheap substitute, which you can do anytime you want.

Using a foam roller can increase your range of motion

Range of motion often gets worse and worse as we get older, but foam rolling has shown promise in increasing the range of motion of people using the tool. Range of motion is extremely important, especially as you get older, to make sure your body can handle everyday activities, and even work if you have a manual and challenging job.

Foam rolling takes a lot of concentration and sometimes balance, and can be a great way to make your body used to big movements and balance. Being able to stretch out your joints the way they’re supposed to is also vital for your wellbeing, and foam rolling can be a great way to help you achieve this.

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