Man with six pack abs

Six pack abs – 7 best exercises for

To make six pack abs, one has to burn the fat around the stomach so that the muscles can emerge. It takes hard work to burn this extra fat. But hard work does not work, for this you also need a well-organized diet. It is difficult to get six pack abs but not impossible. If you follow things properly, then in four to six months you can make six pack abs. Through this article, we will show you some easy ways to get six pack abs.

Crunches exercise

Crunches is the best exercise for six pack abs. For this you lie on the ground. Fold the legs and place the hands under the head. Now try to get up slowly. In the beginning, if you are not able to do more crunchies then do not worry, just do not stop exercising.

Oblique crunches

For this, lie down on the ground with a spin. Now keep your hand above the ear and try to get up. If you are not able to get up high in the beginning then do not worry.


Plank exercise for six pack

Lie flat on the ground. Now bend your hands with the elbow and go down to the toes of the feet. Keep in mind that all your weight should remain on the elbows and toes. Initially, try to stay in this position for at least 30 to 45 seconds, later increase the time you can. This will put pressure on your stomach, which will help in making abs.

Side plank exercise

For this, you should go to the ground side by side. Now get up on the elbow. Try to stay in this position as long as you can. You will also benefit greatly.

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Leg lift

For this, you lie down on the floor and place your hands on the floor. Now raise the right leg straight towards the ceiling and make an angle of 90 degrees. Keep in mind that the foot should not bend, now bring it down slowly. Do the same with the left leg.

Leg lifting

Russian twist

Make a 45 degree angle between the body and the knees. Take a dumbbell in your hand and twist the body to the right and left. This will put a lot of emphasis on the stomach, which will not take much time to make abs.

Heavy weight exercises

Heavy weight exercises are very important and helpful for making abs. These exercises also help in increasing the abs by burning excess body fat. This puts a lot of emphasis on your abs, which burns extra fat quickly and abs emerge quickly. If you take care of your diet and exercise every day, then in a short time you will be able to make six pack abs.

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