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5 great exercises for burning belly fat!

There are many reasons to get in shape, but for many, getting that flat and trimmed belly is one of the main goals of working out and eating healthy. In this blog post we’ll go over some of the best exercises you can perform to get rid of that belly fat for good! A rule of thumb should be however, that burning calories will always reduce your belly fat, so as long as you’re working out your belly fat will decrease over time. However, in this post you will find some exercises to target belly fat more and help you strengthen those abs hiding behind it.


If you know what a burpee is, chances are you also hate them. Nevertheless, burpees are one of the most explosive and beneficial exercises you can perform to get the pulse pumping and the calories just shedding off. If you can get into the right rhythm, burpees workout your core, lats, triceps, quads and shoulders making it a somewhat full body workout.

Treadmill with Incline

Running or walking are great natural ways to stay in shape and burn calories and thereby unwanted fat. However, if you own a treadmill or a gym membership, running with a fixed incline is a terrific way to burn even more calories and fat. You will feel the burn in your calves, but running or walking with an incline will burn a ton of calories and help you achieve that flat belly.

If you live in an area with surrounding hills or steep roads, you can even skip the use of a treadmill and instead plan a running route where you’ll encounter some challenging climbs.

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Variations of the Plank

You most likely know the plank, and you may not be the biggest fan of it due to its intensity. However, the plank in all sorts of variations is one of the greatest ways to strengthen your body(especially your core) and burn calories/fat.

You can even adapt certain tools such as a BOSU ball to make the plank even more intense. When you use this ball you will have to balance your body more, which intensifies the exercise even further than the normal way. As you try to balance yourself, while also maintaining the right planking posture, your body will undergo a very intense yet rewarding process which will get you in shape, and burn that belly fat right off.

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The Russian Twist

This exercise targets the abdominal area directly. Quite simply, the russian twist is an exercise which targets the core primarily and requires strength and endurance. Typically, you use a medicine ball or a weight plate and rotate your torso from side to side while maintaining a sit-up position and your feet floating off the ground.

Intensified regular weightlifting

For guys especially, strength training/weightlifting is a great way to burn calories and fat.

Lifting intensely in the gym or at home is one of the absolute best ways to get in shape, since it burns fat and calories all over your body, even if you’re performing an exercise meant for a specific muscle group. As you get stronger, you should add more and more weight to your workout routine, which makes sure that you keep burning as much fat and calories as possible.

That afterburn effect you feel after a heavy workout, and possibly the days afterwards is what really affects your body. Remember when using heavy weights to always make sure you know exactly what you’re doing.

Performing certain lifts in the wrong way can lead to injuries, so if you’re in doubt make sure to do your research or ask someone who has more knowledge on weightlifting than you.

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