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5 best and healthy snacks – perfect while on a diet

When on a diet it can be quite a struggle to lay off the tasty treats that tempt you anywhere you go. If you’re looking for some healthy yet tasty alternatives to unhealthy snacks, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post we’ll go over some of the best and healthiest snacks you can enjoy while on a diet, without feeling like you’re taking a step back on your dietary goals.

Greek yogurt with mixed fruit

Yoghurt with berries

Greek yogurt is a great snack while you’re trying to lose weight. Adding some blackberries, blueberries or similar is also a great trick to fool your brain into thinking you’re eating some sugary treat, but really you’re eating a healthy snack!

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Cottage cheese with mixed nuts, flax seeds and fruit

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is simply perfect for a diet. It contains a great amount of proteins, and with the right supplements in terms of fruits, nuts, seeds etc. it can taste quite amazing. You can really do anything you want with cottage cheese when it comes to adding extra ingredients(as long as it’s healthy of course). If you don’t like cottage cheese by itself, try adding some of your favourite nuts or berries to spice it up, the results can be quite amazing and you may just have found your new favourite snack!

Almonds and some Dark Chocolate


You may be thinking “wait, isn’t chocolate unhealthy?”, and yes some chocolate is indeed unhealthy. However dark chocolate with above 70% cocoa content can actually be quite healthy in the right amounts. Try eating raw almonds with some dark chocolate for a snack between meals, it’s a great way to get something that seems like candy, but really is quite healthy in the right doses. Almonds and dark chocolate both contain a high amount of magnesium and can be beneficial to your blood sugar. Besides that this snack can also reduce your appetite, which of course helps you lose weight.



There’s a good reason why Avocados are becoming so popular all over the world. Avocados are quite simply some of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They contain high amounts of potassium, magnesium, monounsaturated fat and fiber, pretty much everything you could ask for from just 1 snack. You can eat them by themselves, or try adding various spices if you feel like avocado by itself is too bland. As with all snacks, don’t go overboard, avocados are healthy, but contain more calories than most other healthy snacks.

Hard-boiled egg with chili sauce

Okay this last one may be a bit personal, but either way it’s a great and tasty snack filled with protein for your diet! Quite simply take a hardboiled egg, cut it in half and apply your favourite chili sauce. For example adding some sriracha sauce can be a great way to make the hardboiled egg a little tastier, and the chili peppers within the sauce actually helps burn calories and fat. This last “snack” might be a little too “fitnessfreaky” for most people, but nevertheless it’s a great way to fill you up before a workout, or if you’re feeling hungry in between dietary meals.

The great thing about healthy snacks like the ones listed in this blog post, is the fact that most of them actually makes you feel full, meaning that you won’t feel the urge to slam down portion after portion, like you might do while eating unhealthy snacks. So stop cutting out “all snacks” when you’re on a diet, try some of these healthy alternatives to make sure you stick to your diet!

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Mix working out at home or in the gym with a healthy diet to give you the necessary tools to achieve your weight loss or muscle gain goals!