SEO – why it can be important for your business

SEO – You have heard about it and wondering if you should invest time in that? You had a great idea for a online business? Invested time in a good businessplan? Actually found the business and spend some money for setting up a professional and fancy website or onlineshop? Well done!

Seems that you now are ready to sell your products or services via world wide web? Doesn’t sound that complicated! But no one is visiting your website. Nobody is ordering from your onlineshop. Nobody is contacting you? No leads from the internet. Nothing! What to do? Actually the first step you did weren’t the most difficult steps. Writing a businessplan and setting up a website are basics which just needed to be done. The most difficult part is to be visible, to get visibility on the internet and to met potential customers.

Two ways to get web visibility

It might be boring to hear, but having a nice website doesn’t mean that you automaticlly get website visitors anf sell your products and service on the internet. Also costings are very low to implement basics. When it comes to the point where you start working activly on visibility then you will find out that here is the place where you need to invest time and money.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) starts exactly here – at the point where your websites is live and listed in Google. You will see that your webpage may be listed on page 7, sounds maybe cool, but nobody – no user – is searching on page 7 of Google search. Page 1 is the place to be and the top 3 is where you really start getting traffic. First plass on Google gets more then 30% of all traffic! So whats is Search Engine Marketing? SEM can be seperated in two fields – paid advertising on search engines (Google Ads or Bing Ads) and search engine marketing (SEO).

Paid advertising on Google – simple explained

You set up a Google Ads account and create advertising campaigns. You “buy” keywords where your ads should be visible. So your ads will only be delivered when people are typing in a certain keyword. You decide how much you are willing to pay per click and the advertisers who are payning most receive the highest positions. Now this was very simple and basic explained. Google Ads is actually a very complex field with lots of possibilities to run ads. If you do Google Ads correctly it can boost your sales, if you do it wrong you can loose money without any benefit. One very positiv thing about running Google Ads is that you get visibility directly. You can actually “buy” first place on Google Ads – the first result on Google search.

Lots of companies using Google Ads massivly just because return on invest (ROI) is very positive. Maybe one click costs a fortune, but if you sell with every third click advertising on Google Ads is suddenly very effectiv.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The second area under SEM is search engine optimization. SEO is the process of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Organic search means unpaid results. But SEO work costs time and money, you have to be very patient, especially when you are in a high competetive niche. SEM = SEO and Paid Advertising

SEO or Google Ads

This question is not easy to answer. If you want visibility you need to work with at least one of those – SEO or Google Ads. Which strategy you can use depends many factors. Working with both, SEO and Google Ads might be the best way when you have enough budget.

Pros & cons Google Ads:

Pros: you are visible immidiately. You will get traffic immidiately. Traffic will be relevant to your business, because you choose a right targetgroup and keywords. Your ads will prompt your potential customers to do something on your website. You can promote certain products and services. You can potentially reach a huge audience. So, lots of positive aspects using Google Ads.

Cons: Google Ads can be very expensive when you work in a high competitive niche. Once you stop advertising your visibility will be gone. And setting up Google Ads is not super easy, you should do by using an expert, if you don’t do it right you can loose lots of money and will not reach the people you want.

Pros and cons SEO

Pros: Once you have rankings it will be easier to keep those good rankings. You need to continue with your SEO work, but the most difficult part is to come up on top ranking. SEO is sustainable, you will be more and more visible. The traffic you receive is free, it costs you nothing. Visitors are coming to you and you don’t have to do nothing. You can actually start to work on other types on optimization. Try to sell more to your visitors – your visitors are already in your shop.

Cons: SEO takes time, you need to be very patient. It might not be possible to get top ranking because big brands “own” these rankings. Its very hard to beat big brands, maybe impossible. There are over SEO 200 factors, so the job is also not easy. You should use SEO experts. SEO can be quite expensive, because it can take month and years before you reach top rankings. So you need to invest both time and money before you get result.

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