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How a healthy evening routine helps you overcome insomnia

The modern lifestyle is focused on productivity and making the most out of every day. Besides work, people try to squeeze in time for their family, friends and leisure activities. Given that the day has only 24 hours, that means that often time to focus on oneself is scarce.

Although you might be happy and feel healthy, sooner or later you might experience a downward spiral. Instead of falling asleep as soon as you enter Your bed, you lay awake for hours and Your mind is wandering. Unable to let go of negative thoughts, you are having a hard time getting the much-needed sleep. In the next morning coffee might help you out to start the day. But the sleep deficit is clearly noticeable. You are not able to focus on your tasks and your proficiency level is not where it should be.

Which measures can you take to overcome the insomnia and get a healthy level of sleep? The following evening routine will help you, to improve your sleep quality and lead a healthy lifestyle again.

Abstain from your Smartphone

In your everyday life, the smartphone may be a constant companion. The alarm wakes you up in the morning, you use it to check the news or chat with friends and in the evening You might unwind with a game and try to fall asleep. As helpful as the smartphone might appear during the day, in the evening You should refrain from using the smartphone. The screen with its artificial light impedes the production of the sleep hormone. Instead of getting ready for sleep, your body is still high on alert and in a status, as if it is noon.

Therefore, it is healthy, to stay away from any artificial screen beginning at least 2 hours before you want to go to bed. Instead of using the phone to fall asleep, read a book or listen to music. Your body will have a much easier time to produce the sleep hormone during the evening hours and your sleep problems will vanish over time.

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Not getting any time for yourself during the day means, that at night is your only time to face problems or think about the experiences of the day. When you try the hardest to fall asleep, your mind tries to solve problems, that you tried to brush away.

To help you overcome the stressful thoughts, you should take more time for yourself. A good way is to meditate or physical exercise. Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult and even 5 minutes every evening can have a positive impact. Before you go to sleep, take at least 5 minutes, sit in a comfortable position and only focus on your breathing. This helps you to control your thoughts and calm down, before you go to sleep.

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Sleep Hygiene

The usual day is filled with routines and habits. They help the body to run efficiently and give some sort of orientation. A proper sleep hygiene helps to signal your body, that it is time for sleep.

A common mistake is, to mix the bedroom with work or other duties and not give it the relaxing atmosphere that is needed, to get a good rest. If you work late at night, don’t take the notebook in the bedroom and rather have dedicated workspace outside. Also refrain from answering work-emails and better turn the smartphone into flight mode.

To enable perfect sleeping conditions, your body must associate the bedroom as a place of rest and nothing else. If it is a room filled with „negativity“ it will disturb the sleep and your mind will never come to a halt.

Waking up naturally

Another problem lies in the way, most people wake up. Are you using a loud alarm clock and hate to get up in the morning?

Independent if you are generally a morning person or like to sleep-in, you should never wake up under the stress of a loud alarm in the morning. Instead, use a wake-up-light to use a light, that simulates a natural sunrise. Slowly your body will stop producing the sleep hormone and migrate to the wake state. This way, instead of being forcefully woken up, your body gets a good 30 minutes of sunrise to slowly regain consciousness.

Use these helpful tips, to form new habits and calm down your mind. It might take a few weeks, but in the long term you will improve your sleep quality and enjoy life again.

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