Planet Foundation Revisions

This is a summary of updates and bug fixes made to each revision of the Planet Foundation Theme.

Planet Foundation v1.4.1

  • Updated CSS with new WordPress core required classes (.screen-reader-text)
  • Ken Burns slideshow effect utilizes links
  • Fixed blank space issue on Pages that utilize a Featured Image
  • Added option to place navigation menu after pre-header

Planet Foundation v1.4

  • Upgraded to Zurb’s Foundation 5.5.2
  • Fixed small screen menu drop-down problem on iPhone
  • Added theme welcome screen to WordPress dashboard
  • Added logo and url meta data required by in footer
  • planet-foundation.css shipped compressed for improved download performance

Planet Foundation v1.3.6

  • Allow copyright text configuration in footer via customizer
  • Better handling of addresses in footer (e.g., no commas displayed if nothing specified for particular address fields)
  • Can specify an email address in footer if desired

Planet Foundation v1.3.5

  • Fixed Ken Burns caption bug
  • Added main content container to front-page.php for better styling
  • Featured image displayed on small devices for summary listings.
  • Added filter for header for modification by child themes.

Planet Foundation v1.3.4

  • Several Ken Burns Slideshow bug fixed including scrolling duration not working
  • Extended sidebar fonts to include widget fonts
  • Implemented captions for Ken Burns Slideshow
  • Added inner div to main content for better styling abilities
  • Removed end spaces and php end brackets to functions.php
  • Featured image displays only in summary and archive pages, not full content pages
  • Fixed off-canvas menu bug in single.php
  • Increased top-bar menu height for better display on small devices